Joker Anniversary Ale
Belgian golden strong
Aged in CHARDONNAY barrels
11% ABV

Deception. Pale, crystal clear, and bubbly. Nothing we all haven't seen before. Take a good sniff.....didn't see that coming did you? A huge aroma profile comprised of peppery phenolics, orange & apple esters, and gently toasted oak that has slowly been seeping into this beer while it patiently waded inside of chardonnay barrels. Surely with aromatics this intense and diverse, this beer will be quite a mouthful......only one to find out. As you taste everything your nose told you about (and then some) you'll again find yourself perplexed. How is this beer so light, dry, and crisp? Now you'll sit, sip, and savor as you try to comprehend how flavors so huge, can be presented with a mouthfeel so silky and easy. Contemplate responsibly however, magic comes with a price, and that just so happens to be an ABV of 11%......surprised? Surely you have learned your lesson by now


BBA The Heater
Imperial Milk Stout w/ serrano Peppers aged in bourbon barrels
9.5% ABV

Oh yes we did! We siphoned off a single bourbon barrel's worth our most recent release of the Heater, and let the liquid mingle with the barrel for the past 8 months. What was once a dream come true of imperial milk stout with serrano peppers has become a new and mature version of itself. The subtle heat of the base beer has mellowed as a easy, slow burn of bourbon has flawlessly made its way forward. Layers of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and milky sweetness receive a bump from all the good things sitting in a bourbon barrel has to offer. Cause there's nothing else to do in there besides become awesome. Now pick your jaw up off the floor and get a glass, this will not last long!

Available only in bottles at the taproom


9% ABV

Aged for 10 months in one of the Las Vegas Distillery's Nevada 150 bourbon barrels, which is Nevada's first ever bourbon. Extra dosing of coffee added at the end of aging.


Available in October

Smooth Call
Double oatmeal Stout
aged in colorado whiskey barrels
9.9% ABV

Available on draft and in 500ml wax dipped bottles