Dealer's Choice Series

A new series designed to showcase 4 completely different beers.  Always changing, always evolving from style to style so you venture out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Every 3 months you're greeted with a new style to challenge your taste buds.  Which will be your favorite?

Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand
Imperial Red Ale
9.2% ABV

Aggressive flavor and robust aroma come together with dangerous drinkability. Hop bursted & dry hopped with Simcoe, Denali, and Nugget. 


Available: March - May

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts                   Berliner Weisse w/ Pink Guava and Ginger
3.8% ABV

Spritzy & tart Berliner weisse with guava & ginger. Rich guava aroma & flavor with a subtle pop of ginger, finishing with an awesome lemonade-esque acidity. Perfect for 100+ heat, but just as delicious in cooler weather.

Available: June - August