Lil Guy Rye
5.2% ABV

Brewed after our head brewer’s latest and greatest addition to his growing family.  Lil Guy Rye is a specialty beer originally brewed in Regensburg, Bavaria as a more distinctive variant of a dunkelweizen using malted rye instead of malted wheat.  Unfiltered with a dark copper color and easy drinking.  This will be a taproom only special on draft and in growlers and six packs to take home.

Available on draft in the taproom only

Sticke Alt Bier
6.2% ABV

Pronounced Shtick-uh ullt beer.  Sticke means secret and traditionally this beer’s recipe was strictly need to know by those that brewed it.  It has a rich malt character followed by a clean dry finish. 

Available on draft in the taproom only

Wheat Ale
Brewed w/ lactose and serrano peppers
5.5% ABv.

American style wheat beer………you boring, boring son of a gun.  Surely there is something we do to spice you up.  While all that kilned white wheat malt gives you such a fresh bread character with a fluffy mouthfeel, let’s add some lactose for a beautiful creaminess.  Then, English ale yeast to reinforce that mouthfeel and add depth to your aroma.  Are you not entertained?  Fine, let’s add a healthy dose of serrano peppers to this Fiesta.  Boring?  Never heard of it.

 Available on draft in the taproom and Nacho Daddy only


Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight (Taproom Release Friday 6/16)
New England IPA

If there's one thing you can count on, it's change. Everyone is always asking what the next big thing will be....."what's the next IPA?" Turns out, it's IPA! Well, kind of. Some looney tune decided to edit the Wikipedia entry for how to make West Coast IPA (citations needed, of course), and basically play opposite day. Neutral, high attenuating yeast? Nope. Let's use yeasts that kick off a lot of character and mouthfeel! Simple grist of majority pale malt & maybe some simple sugar? Lame! Let's go for bold, kilned base malts and A LOT of high proteins adjuncts like wheat or oats. Aggressive bittering additions?....How about zero bittering additions!?! Brilliant clarity? Naw, let's make 'em think we are serving this right through the trub pile!.... All jokes aside, there are some awesome hops that give off some mind blowing aromatics. We dedicate this liquid display of excess to Citra, and all its tropical danky goodness. Maris Otter & oats comes along for the ride, with London III yeast tying it all together. Hoppy, hazy, heavenly. Cheers!