Lil Guy Rye
5.2% ABV

Brewed after our head brewer’s latest and greatest addition to his growing family.  Lil Guy Rye is a specialty beer originally brewed in Regensburg, Bavaria as a more distinctive variant of a dunkelweizen using malted rye instead of malted wheat.  Unfiltered with a dark copper color and easy drinking.  This will be a taproom only special on draft and in growlers and six packs to take home.

Available on draft in the taproom only

Hoppy Pale Ale

HOppy Pale Ale
Pale ale

Ok ok.....sure it says Hoppy pale ale, but that's because "the simplest and most efficient way to deliver bold hop flavors & aromas in a soft, silky smooth package" ale just seemed ridiculous. Late & dry hopped abundantly with Mosaic, Calypso, and Cascade presents a gigantic range of fruity & citrusy possibilities. Fermenting it out with a certain London Ale yeast strain gives all those hop characteristics the perfect stage to perform on. Served unfiltered, in all it's raw, hoppy glory. No hops were isomerized in making this beer. 

Available on draft at the taproom and all Nacho Daddy locations


Triple IPA
11% ABv.

We believe craft beer is much more than just IPA. So we have always been here, providing an excellent variety of exquisite examples of exotic (or obscure) styles. However, you all really, really like IPA ,and there are a lot of exciting hops out there, so we figured you wouldn't be too upset if we started cranking some out. What we have here is quite the spectacle. An 11%, over 4 pounds of hops per barrel, double dry hopped monster. This may seem a little intimidating, until you have take a sip. Extremely restrained bittering additions spare your tongue from abuse so you can enjoy every little nuance created from exuberantly double dry hopping with Simcoe and Waimea, and exponentially smaller quantities of Summit and Columbus. Near excessive amounts of fresh pine, ripe fruits, candied tangerine, and subtle earthy dank underpinnings are just the highlights of all this IPA has to offer. We hope that you drink this with the same pride that we might it with. None of this is possible without you, cheers to 3 years!

 Available on draft in the taproom and in 22oz bottles to go


Pillow Fight

Rally Cap
Vienna Lager

You're gonna wanna sit down for this....or at least hold on to something. Lager is not a bad word. A beer doesn't suck, nor does it's quality degrade because it was fermented with a lager yeast strain. Also, "Lager" has zero to do with boring, bland, or lackluster. Don't believe me? Take your glass, bring it to your face, open wide, and slowly start turning that glass upside down. That elegant & toasty drink you just experienced is courtesy of a grist comprised of 100% Vienna malt. Cascade & Crystal hops provide the more subtle orangey, earthy, and floral flavors. Finally, our lager yeast provides a soft & crisp mouthfeel that gives Rally Cap its fineness. Lager is not a bad word, it's a delicious one. 

Available on draft and in 6 packs to go

SleepOver NE IPA  (AvAilable August 4th)
6.6% ABV

Our newest NE IPA featuring Mosaic and Simcoe hops!  This will be available August 4th during our release party on draft and in 4-packs to go.  We sold of the last one in 3 days so make sure you grab yours during the release!

Available on draft and in 4-packs to go