Nathan Hall

Founder & Owner

Nathan decided to open Bad Beat in 2012 after seeing there was a void in the Vegas beer market compared to other craft beer cities. “Our idea is simple: make fresh, high quality products that the locals can support and enjoy.” With that idea in mind he saved every dollar he could, even selling his house, to fund Bad Beat. Nathan, being an avid poker player, decided to combine the two different worlds and Bad Beat Brewing was born. The next hurdle was finding the right people to really take Bad Beat above the competition. Looking at everyone else on this page, he believes he cleared that hurdle with room to spare.

Weston Barkley


Weston started his brewing career at home in the kitchen as most of us do. He quickly immersed himself in everything brewing, formulating recipes, and joining the local homebrew club S.N.A.F.U. In 2011 he became President of S.N.A.F.U. and led them to their first national award. In 2012 he caught the eye of local brewery Joseph James and was brought on as shift brewer. He worked there for almost 2 years before making the jump to Bad Beat for his first head brewer gig in 2014. 

God gave me a gift. I drink beer, and I drink beer well.

Mike Dominiak

Director of Imbibing Operations

Mike is originally from Michigan, where he was first turned on to the craft beer scene. While in college he frequented New Holland Brewing Company and developed a passion to keep trying new beers. After moving to Vegas in '07, he was excited to have access to new and exciting beers, but thought the local market was lacking. Since his arrival here, he has seen the beer scene start to grow, slowly at first, then start speeding up as the years went on. When the chance came to help his friend Nathan open a brewery that would be creating quality craft beers for the Vegas beer scene, how could he say no? Mike will be managing and serving in the taproom, along with constantly monitoring all social media outlets, all on top of designing all the labels with the help of his wife. His official title is Director of Imbibing Operations, so if it involves drinking our beer, knowing when and where to drink our beer, or what the beer looks like, Mike’s your guy. 


Mike Chailland
"QC Mike" 

Quality Control

Mike originally started off in the brewery as our bartender and part time packaging technician on our bottling and canning line. He started cataloging packaged beer from each run and would host sensory analysis meetings for each beer with staff. This eventually developed into him starting our Quality Control Department. QC Mike has a passion for beer and science which go hand in hand. He is also involved with our small pilot cellar system.



Beth is a local artist that lives in Henderson, NV just a short drive from the brewery. Also a member of Barley’s Angels locally who ”serve women who seek a comfortable environment to explore and learn about Craft Beer while allowing publicans, brewers and restaurateurs a platform demonstrating their commitment to provide safe, friendly experiences for their female customers."

We asked Beth why she accepted our offer to make all of Bad Beat’s labels, this was her response: 
“When given the chance to create images for Bad Beat Brewing, I jumped at the challenge. Breathing life into the individual characters that represent each product creates so much personal enjoyment. I feel this marketing concept takes the microbrewery experience to ‘the next level.’ It is an awesome opportunity for me to marry two crafts that I absolutely love: beer and art! I am very excited to share these passions with all of you as I create what I term “The World beneath the Poker Chip.”